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Sociopathic Projection

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  1. December 22, 2014 at 11:44

    Are you perceiving sociopaths as bad? You sociopath. lol

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    • Disillusioned
      December 22, 2014 at 19:13

      Psychopathy and sociopathy are personality disorders, or character disturbances, characterized by lack of empathy, lack of remorse, egocentricity, and a craving for power and control. Afflicted individuals can be deceptive and manipulative while appearing “normal.” He/she may put on an act and maintain an image of respectability and high morals to gain advantages.

      It should be obvious that an individual with this combination of traits is prone to exploit and hurt others. However, as human beings, they also have the capacity to do good.

      Acknowledging the existence of sociopaths and learning about their traits and behaviors is important because of the dangers they present to our health and happiness. Recognizing personality disorders does not make you sociopathic, it only makes you more alert and better positioned to protect yourself and others from harm.


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